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About Us

Thanks for supporting independent radio!

As commercial radio stations become increasingly homogenized and formulaic, it's important to support alternative voices that are free from corporate influence. 

GenX.FM relies on listener support to stay on the air and by supporting us, you are supporting a community of like-minded people who value diversity and creative expression.

In a world of automaton and AI, your support helps to ensure that independent media continues to have a voice in the digital age. 

If you love listening please consider supporting GenX.FM. Donations directly support the station's operations, including equipment maintenance, broadcast licenses, and the salaries of the talented people who make GenX.FM such a special place.

Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated! 

PS: if the goal of your donation is to grab our attention for the sole purpose of promoting your band, please do not donate (we only play "classic" ALT) 😉

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