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A Ridiculous Guide to Dating Entertainers and Interview with Kris Tompkins from Nat Geo's WILD LIFE

In this week's episode, we delve into love - exploring how it amplifies and enriches our lives in myriad ways. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even cringe a little, as Quinn and Ryder take you on an entertaining romp behind-the-scenes into their lives.

With anecdotes from their own life and a healthy dose of sarcastic wit, Quinn & Ryder run down social media's guide to navigating relationships with those who live life in the limelight before wrapping up the episode with an interview with Kris Tompkins, the conservationist whose life and work inspired the Oscar-winning filmmakers Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin to create 'Wild Life'.

This new film follows Tompkins' journey from the corporate world of outdoor brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Esprit, to a mid-life love story, which ultimately led her and her partner Doug Tompkins to pioneer visionary efforts in creating National Parks across Chile and Argentina.

Get ready to be inspired by the extraordinary life of Kris Tompkins, and gain some life-altering insights into love and relationships.

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