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American Girl Releases "Historical Character" Nicki... From the 90s

Buckle up middle-aged women, if you thought the TikTok "teenage" filter messed with your head, just wait until you see the new American Girl HISTORICAL character, Nicki.

That's right, if you were a teenage girl at anytime in the 90s, you are now an official "historical character" thanks to American Girl.

Meet Nicki: "Growing up in Seattle in the late 1990s, Nicki loves alternative rock music, skateboarding, and making zines, which are like homemade magazines."

Nicki arrives wearing a layered T-shirt dress, plaid flannel shirt tied around her waist, ankle socks, platform sneakers, cotton underwear and "Nicki: My Journal" paperback book.

Additional accessories include a baseball hat (worn backward of course), faux mini Grin Pins, sunglasses, a ribbon necklace with a yin-yang pendant, a messenger bag, a notebook, and stickers.

Oh wait, they aren't done. Nicki's bedroom will kick you right in the feels with the bright-purple inflatable chair, CD player, CDs, headphones and alarm clock-radio. And of course,

a printed paper zine — for Nicki's story. I think the only thing she's missing is a crush on Trent Reznor.

I'm officially a historical figure from the last century in doll form.

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