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Are Naughty Swinging Seniors in The Villages in Florida Using Loofahs to Send Secret Messages

Rumor has it that saucy Seniors in the retirement community of The Villages in Florida are tying loofahs to the tops of their golf carts and cars to advise people they're swingers -- and the type of swinging they are into.

Boring people who think grandma has never had sex say there's a much more innocent explanation; they do it to help find their vehicles in parking lots. We like the former reason better though, so let's explore it further. I mean, someone made a TikTok about it and it was on Reddit with a helpful graphic, so of course it's true, right? 🙄

Helpful Loofah Code graphic from Reddit.

As you can see, different colors are supposed to mean different things. For example, a white loofah means you are new (so be gentle.) And a black loofah means you are down for anything.

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because this isn't the first time The Villages have been in the news, whether it's the Post writing about their wild ways or the local TV station reporting on escalating STD cases, The Villages are courteous and stay tight lipped about what really goes on there.

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