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CEO Hands out 28 Million Dollars in Bonuses

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The CEO of Ruppert Landscape played the ultimate Santa at work this year, he just surprised his employees with a very generous year-end bonuses.

200 employees received checks between $7,000 and $200,000, totaling about $28 MILLION. It turns out the national chain recently partnered with an investment firm, and that brought in huge profits which the CEO decided to share.

Here's a video of them finding out. They open their envelopes at :40.

"On December 6th, 2022, Ruppert Landscape gave appreciation bonuses to all employees with tenure over one year as a thanks for the role they’ve played in the company’s growth and development. Excluding the top leadership team, 1200 employees received bonuses ranging from $7,000 to just over $200,000 from proceeds garnered through the company’s recent partnership with investment firm, Knox Lane. For more information, read the press release:

Ruppert Landscape has been a market-leading provider of commercial landscape services for nearly 50 years. Headquartered in Laytonsville, Maryland, the company employs nearly 1900 people and serves customers from 30 branches throughout the Eastern United States. Its reputation for commitment to employees, exceptional customer service and giving back to its community have supported the company’s steady organic growth and its position as an industry leader. For more information, please visit"

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