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City of Dallas Provides Mini-Massagers to Workers

Who says that working for the city doesn't have great benefits?

The City of Dallas, Texas, as part of a wellness initiative, prepared a "Well-Being First" branded goodie bag for their workers that included nutrition tips, a cooling towel and a small personal vibrating massager.

According to the NY Post, Deputy City Manager Kimberly Bizor Tolbert said, “If you’re sitting at your desk working all day and you can’t get away, you use it for massaging your neck or your feet or other parts of your body that might be aching.”

Somehow she didn't think that some city workers would be amused or even offended by the suggestion that they use personal massager for aching body parts... at work.

She followed up saying, “People have taken this to the extreme, and they need to get their mind out of the gutter.”

Deputy City Manager, do you really think your city's first responders are sitting around at desks all day or did they deserve a raise and this was this just a passive aggressive way to say, "Go f*ck yourself".

[h/t nypost]

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