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COCAINE BEAR 8-bit Video Game [Link to Play Here]

The marketing department for upcoming movie COCAINE BEAR should get the weekend off after delivering an 8-bit video game inspired by the upcoming movie -- it is free to play on the COCAINE BEAR website and has all the feels of a retro video game.

Audiences can join in on the action as the bear with the objective to kill as many people as possible, avoid the bad guys and stay energized on the premium nose candy strategically placed throughout the game. You can even get bonus points by catching the ambulance.

The nostalgic game is Pac-Man feels with a cocaine bear vibe and arrow keyboard controls that is a fun break during the day.

Cocaine Bear debuts in theaters only on February 24. Check out the trailer for the video game below OR skip the trailer and click here to go to the official movie website and play the game now.

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