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Don't Bother Googling "RI Pizza" — It Will Just Make You Mad

I'll be the first to admit, I grew up thinking there were only a few types of pizza; New York, Chicago and "pan". The later due to spending Saturday nights at the local Pizza Hut putting quarters into the jukebox, the former because everyone knows pizza comes in New York or Chicago style.

It really never occurred to me that "regional" pizza was a thing — until we moved to Kansas City. The day we moved to Missouri was the day I learned about the horror of regional pizza. Don't believe me? Try "St. Louis style" pizza next time you are in the midwest.

Today, though, we are here to talk about the atrocity that is "Rhone Island style" pizza, AKA red strips, tomato bread, red bread, bakery pizza, party pizza and grandma pizza.

RI "pizza" is bread baked in a pan with tomato sauce and served at room temperature in plastic bags. WTAF Rhode Island?

At the end of the day, though, I guess we should all be thankful that we don't live in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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