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Duran Duran Releases New Single 'Black Moonlight' with Nile Rodgers

Duran Duran just dropped their latest single "Black Moonlight" from their soon-to-be-released album, Danse Macabre.

And, this groovy number isn't just another track; it features the brilliance of their old friend and collaborator, Nile Rodgers.

Coming just about three weeks after the debut of the album's title track, "Black Moonlight" certainly sets the tone for what fans can expect from Danse Macabre, which is slated for an Oct. 27 release.

The upcoming album promises an eclectic mix. Fans will be treated to three fresh original tracks, reinvented deep cuts, and interesting covers from artists like Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, Specials, Billie Eilish, and more. The 13-track LP will embrace the essence of Duran Duran, featuring contributions from "family and friends, old and new." Notably, the album includes participation from former guitarist Andy Taylor, who has been courageously facing stage 4 prostate cancer.

Drummer Roger Taylor expressed his anticipation for the album, saying, "I hope you take a journey with us through the darker side of our inspirations into where we're at in 2023. Maybe you'll leave with a deeper understanding of how Duran Duran got to this moment in time."

Speaking of the magic that Nile Rodgers brings to "Black Moonlight," lead vocalist Simon Le Bon said, "'Black Moonlight' is the classic Duran Duran-Nile Rodgers collaboration. When Nile started playing his guitar in the studio, he really inspired everyone with his riff, and the song just kind of wrote itself."

Keyboardist Nick Rhodes said, "Nile Rodgers is a force of nature. When we get into a room, we start playing and magic happens. Nile always says that Chic is his first band, and Duran Duran is his second. Thematically, I personally prefer the moon to the sun. Simon [Le Bon] took the idea and ran with it."

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