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Florida County Commissioner Gives "Florida Man" a Bad Name

Who needs Netflix when you can follow the story of the Flagler County Commissioner Joe Mullens. The Florida man, who is seeking re-election later this month, can't seem to stay out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On June 2, Mullens was pulled over in a Mercedes-Benz SUV for going 89 mph in a 60-mph zone on Interstate 4 in Central Florida, according to The Daytona Beach News Journal. Dispatch notes obtained by the news outlet say he “flashed his business card to get out of ticket,”and it “would be a career ending move if they arrested him for failing to obey a lawful order.”

Apparently, he was just warming up for the next traffic violation a couple weeks later — also on Interstate 4 but this time in a red Ferrari 458 Spider traveling 92 mph in a 70-mph zone on a Sunday morning, Fox 35 reported.

Video below from First Coast news shows a trooper talking to Mullins, before he stops and says, “I’m sorry?” And Mullins replies, “I run the county, so I know how that works.”

“I run the county, so I know how that works.”

Want to read more Mullens Missteps?

  • FlagerLive reports Mullens falsely claims that the 2 police organizations support him. and the local 10-13 club of retired New York City Police officers support him.

  • News Daytona Beach reports that in Columbia County, Georgia, Mullens owns The Clara Point apartment complex, where local news says the living conditions are described by several as "unacceptably harsh".

  • Mullens donated $500 to the GoFundMe account of the family of Chelsea Hawk, according to FlaglerLive after reportedly bulling the political activist online over the last few years. Hawk was killed in an auto accident on Interstate 4 last month.

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