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German Shepherd Named Storm Joins Metallica Concert at SoFi Stadium

On August 25, thousands of Metallica fans gathered at SoFi Stadium for a high-energy live performance. However, the audience had one unexpected member—a four-legged German Shepherd named Storm.


A Surprise Guest at the Metallica Concert

Storm managed to escape from her home located near the venue and found her way to the concert, as confirmed by the band.

Storm's Metallica Experience

Metallica later shared on social media that Storm spent the entire night enjoying the concert with her "Metallica family" and she was safely returned to her actual family the following day. The band quipped that Storm particularly enjoyed her favorite songs, humorously named "Barx Æterna," "Master of Puppies," and "The Mailman That Never Comes."

A Friendly Reminder from the Band

While Metallica advised fans to leave their pets at home for their ongoing M72 World Tour, they couldn't help but acknowledge that Storm "sure did have her day."

For those planning to attend future events of the M72 World Tour, remember that pets should stay at home, even if they're as enthusiastic about Metallica as Storm.


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