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INXS Celebrates Legacy with Emotional Reunion and Fresh Releases

Rock legends INXS got together in Sydney this week, marking a rare reunion to announce several exclusive releases, their first group appearance since 2017.

Garry Gary Beers, Kirk Pengilly, and the Farriss brothers—Andrew, Jon, and Tim got together to celebrate Calling All Nations, a hefty 400-page anthology encapsulating heartfelt stories from fans worldwide, complemented by essays from UMG's Andrew Kronfeld and Live Nation's Arthur Fogel.

The profound fan encounters surprised even the band. Pengilly shared, “It was eye-opening to realize that our impact was beyond just the music. Fans shared journeys, some driving hours just to meet up with friends for our gigs, and those moments of personal connection were truly touching.”

Despite reaching phenomenal heights, the band's journey altered irrevocably with the untimely loss of their charismatic frontman, Michael Hutchence, in 1997.

Beers, now residing in California, cherished the homecoming, “We were just these young, broke musicians, often crashing at fans' places, sharing meals. Looking back, we see it wasn't just about the music; we were part of each other’s lives.”

Calling All Nations is up for grabs in three editions via, including a “Super Deluxe” box, bearing the band members' autographs.

AND, there’s more on the horizon: All Juiced Up – Part 2, featuring nine limited edition colored vinyl records with classic INXS song remixes, and the 30th-anniversary edition of Full Moon Dirty Hearts, is set for release on November 2.

Capping the event, Universal Music Australia's president, Sean Warner, surprised them with awards for four billion streams, adorned with an Indigenous “full moon”. An additional tribute was crafted in honor of Hutchence.

[h/t: billboard]

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