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Nirvana Announces 30th Anniversary Edition of 'In Utero' With Unreleased Live Recordings

Nirvana is marking the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking album 'In Utero' by releasing a deluxe edition packed with unreleased live recordings. The special edition is set for an October 27 release and will include lots of new material.

What's in the Box?

This deluxe reissue will boast 53 never-before-heard live recordings, headlined by two full concerts: 'Live in Los Angeles' from 1993 and 'Live in Seattle' from 1994, the latter being the band’s final performance in their hometown. The reissue also contains live recordings from shows in Rome, Springfield, and New York. Jack Endino, the producer of Nirvana's debut album 'Bleach,' meticulously reconstructed these live tracks from stereo soundboard tapes.

Beyond the Live Recordings

The 'In Utero' anniversary edition will also feature a remastered version of the original album, courtesy of Bob Weston who worked alongside Steve Albini in the original recording sessions. The set is rounded off with five bonus tracks and b-sides from the 'In Utero' era.

Context and Legacy

Released on September 21, 1993, 'In Utero' was Nirvana's return to their punk roots following the meteoric success of 'Nevermind.' Kurt Cobain notably wanted the album to be a sonic nod to the Pixies. Unfortunately, 'In Utero' would also be the final chapter for Nirvana, as Cobain tragically passed away just months after the album's release.

Package Details

For those wanting the complete experience, a super deluxe edition is also available. This comes either as an eight-LP vinyl set or a five-CD set, filled with extras like a hardcover book of unreleased photos, a newly designed fanzine, a lithograph Los Angeles tour poster by artist Coop, and even replicas of the angel mobile that originally went to record stores.

Whether you're a die-hard Nirvana fan or a newcomer interested in diving into their legacy, the 30th-anniversary edition of 'In Utero' looks like a pretty awesome set.

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