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Pearl Jam Covers Cheap Trick to Close Chicago Show

Pearl Jam gave a nod to Illinois rock legends Cheap Trick during their recent concert at the United Center in Chicago.

This Isn't the First Time

The band chose to close out their evening with a rendition of Cheap Trick's iconic song "Surrender." For those keeping track, this isn't the first time Pearl Jam has paid this particular homage. According to Spin, the band last performed "Surrender" live on August 20 and 22, 2016, at Wrigley Field.

A Shared Stage

In a video clip circulating online, Eddie Vedder, the band's frontman, is seen stepping back from the microphone a couple of times, inviting the audience to sing along. Pearl Jam largely stayed true to the original 1978 version of the song. Vedder introduced it saying, "We're going to send you home with a Chicago song, and it ain't 'Chicago.'"

For those unaware, Cheap Trick hails from Rockford, Illinois. It's worth mentioning that Cheap Trick’s guitarist Rick Nielsen and bassist Tom Petersson have also made surprise appearances with Pearl Jam, most notably during a 2016 show at Madison Square Garden when they played "Surrender."

A High-Octane Finale

Vedder didn't just sing; he leapt from a stage monitor as the band struck the final note, adding his own trademark flair to the Cheap Trick classic. The performance is available to view online.

Upcoming Shows and Special Events

The "Surrender" cover concluded a 24-song setlist for the band, for their first of two dates at the United Center. In between the two Chicago dates, the Chicago Cubs held a Pearl Jam Ten Club Day at Wrigley Field, where fan club members could snag limited edition Eddie Vedder Cubs jerseys.

The band heads on to Indianapolis on September 10 as part of their ongoing fall tour.

The Setlist:

For those interested, here's the 24-song setlist from the 9/5/23 show at the United Center:

  1. "Release"

  2. "Low Light"

  3. "Just Breathe"

  4. "Retrograde"

  5. "Who Ever Said"

  6. "Corduroy"

  7. "God's Dice"

  8. "Faithful"

  9. "Quick Escape"

  10. "Animal"

  11. "Light Years"

  12. "Even Flow"

  13. "Dance of the Clairvoyants"

  14. "In My Tree"

  15. "Comatose"

  16. "Down"

  17. "Rearviewmirror"

  18. "Throw Your Arms Around Me"

  19. "Inside Job"

  20. "Wishlist"

  21. "Not For You"

  22. "Better Man"

  23. "Alive"

  24. "Surrender"

This blend of old classics and recent additions encapsulates what Pearl Jam is all about: respecting their roots while keeping things fresh.

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