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The World's Last Blockbuster Video Ran a Commercial During the Super Bowl on Sunday [ICYMI]

Here's one commercial that played during the Super Bowl you may have missed because you were busy judging Rihanna. And, it quite possibly, it is also the best commercial that aired on Sunday.

The last Blockbuster store in the world, located in Bend, Oregon, ran an ad during the Super Bowl live on Instagram, featuring a giant cockroach named Steve. Check it out below or on their page here.

“We are doing a fun, retro-style commercial that we will be releasing during the Big Game. We are featuring it during halftime in the store and on social media,” store owner Sandi Harding told Oregon Live via email before it aired.

If the last Blockbuster store in the world sounds familiar, Netflix did a show about it that was canceled after one season. Based off this commercial maybe they should handle their own production.

Oh, and btw, if you are looking for the full experience you can pick up a VHS copy to rent for $2 a day at their location.

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