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This Grandma's Last Wish Was a Giant D*ck on Her Grave [SFW VIDEO]

The family of 99-year old Catarina Orduña Pérez came through and granted her final wish: a giant d*ick statue on top her grave.

Residents of Misantla lovingly referred to her as Doña Cata and knew of her particular love of penises and what she believed they represented so after she passed away they went all out with their dedication to Doña Cata, building an impressive 5-and half foot tall cock and balls weighing nearly 600 pounds.

Her family said, “She always said, in the Mexican sense, that we were vergas,” and "it was her desire so that no one would forget her and that everything we loved about her would be remembered more easily.” After Doña Cata’s death on Jan. 20, 2021, “we talked as a family and decided to make her dream come true.”

Check out the video below.

According to Vice, "There are few words in Mexican slang as dynamic as “verga,” which is perhaps best translated in English as “cock” due to its general use as a profanity. Depending on how it’s phrased, “verga” can be a brutal insult, telling someone to go fuck themselves (vete a la verga) or that they’re not worth shit (vales verga). Or it can be a compliment, a badge of honor, that if something is “verga,” it is cool or badass."

DD Bottle Shadow 250.png
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