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Top Cities for Your Next Beercation

If you know that citra, galaxy and mosaic are not part of the new space program then listen up because we need to talk about your fall beer-cation.

It’s more than just a colloquialism too - its a real thing — there’s been a Beer Tourism Index since 2019 when Travelocity realized that 75% of people they surveyed about vacations showed interest in local beer tastings or brewery tours.

An updated survey from HomeToGo for 2022 has ranked the top destinations for beercations just in time for the best beer season of the year - fall. Here are the top ranked the top 17th destinations according to their parameters. In researching each city, HomeToGo utilized data from the Brewers Association, Open Brewery DB, Rate Beer, Numbeo and HomeToGo (for room night rentals).

1. Chicago

2. Portland, Oregon

3. Milwaukee

4. Denver

5. Seattle

6. New York City

7. Asheville, North Carolina

8. Austin

9. Tampa

10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

11. San Diego

12. Daytona Beach, Florida

13. Charleston, South Carolina

14. Birmingham, Alabama

15. Portland, Maine

16. Boston

17. Key West, Florida

[h/t thehill]

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