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Unleash your Inner Musician: Dive into Pentagram's Latest Creation, the Minimoog Model D

Time to celebrate the 70th birthday of the revolutionary Moog Model D synth! Pentagram's Yuri Suzuki has created an extraordinary digital extravaganza to celebrate this iconic instrument that’s amplified the magic of countless timeless albums, such as David Bowie’s Low, Bob Marley’s Catch a Fire, and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. Clear some time from your schedule and head to embark on an exciting adventure designed for music aficionados around the world.


Explore the Moog's Legacy in the Minimoog Model D Factory

Suzuki, in collaboration with Pentagram, presents the Minimoog Model D Factory - a unique mini-site that invites you to explore a virtual eight-room mansion. Each room within this intriguing structure offers a unique, immersive experience, allowing you to interact with the legendary Minimoog Model D synth in new ways.

Whether you're a music savant or a curious novice, there's something here for everyone. Take a leap into this digital mansion to tweak the virtual Minimoog Model D and decode the mysterious sounds that are embedded in an array of famed songs. The creators cover an extensive timeline, featuring renowned artists like Air and Frank Zappa, taking the experience to a whole new level.

The Accessible Synth: Minimoog Model D

Yuri Suzuki's proficiency in instrument design and sound creation has birthed an array of enchanting sound contraptions. To him, the Minimoog Model D holds an invaluable place. As Suzuki notes, "It’s the first synthesizer that broke barriers and became accessible to numerous musicians, due to its portability and a sound-making system that is intelligently simplified."

In a quest to pay homage to Dr. Moog's remarkable achievement and to make everyone, not just Moog fanatics, realize the importance of the Minimoog Model D, Suzuki envisioned a platform that educates while entertaining. He wanted to ensure that learning didn't feel like a chore, but rather a game.

Discover the Inspiration Behind this Virtual Mansion

Yuri Suzuki found the inspiration for his interactive site in the digital realms of early Macintosh games. The interactive games of the late '80s and early '90s had a profound influence on the creation of the Moog platform. The primary inspiration came from a unique game called Manhole, designed by Bill Atkinson, the genius behind the Lisa's interface - Apple's pioneering desktop computer with a graphical user interface.

Emulating the layered design of Hypercard, a tool that laid the groundwork for hyperlink storytelling, Suzuki's Minimoog site creates a similar environment where users can explore, interact, and learn. In the Minimoog Model D Factory, you are free to create your own story.

Eight Spectacular Rooms

This digital mansion does not attempt to replicate the complex gaming experience of the cult classic Maniac Mansion. Instead, it presents a vibrant, playful doll house filled with eight mesmerizing rooms. Each room, bursting with people engrossed in various activities, unravels a unique feature when clicked.

An interactive hand welcomes you to each room, inviting you to explore deeper into this world of music and Moog. The first room introduces you to an Instagram filter that lets you synthesize Moog sounds with facial movements. The second room unfolds a PDF with detailed plans to construct your very own paper Minimoog D.

Next, there's a mini-theater showcasing a trilogy-documentary on the rich history of this instrument and its legendary users. The final room on the ground floor leads you to a Minimoog D app. Although it comes with a price tag, it opens a door to endless possibilities, ready to turn you into a Moog maestro.

As the 70th birthday celebration for the Moog Model D synth continues, there's no better way to delve into the incredible legacy of this groundbreaking instrument. Through its interactive features and captivating storytelling, the Minimoog Model D Factory immerses you in the world of Moog like never before.


[h/t fastcompany]

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