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Weather or Not 🎧 Your Weekly GenX.FM Playlist

When the skies turn gray, there's nothing like a killer GenX playlist to lift your spirits.

Whether you're reminiscing or seeking refuge from life's storms, this playlist is your audio umbrella. Enjoy!


Many of the GenX bands on this week's playlist are doing just fine.

The Cure

The Cure is currently on tour with one stop left in the United States in Chicago at Riot Fest on September 17th before heading south to Mexico and South America where they are scheduled through December 2023.


Meanwhile R.E.M. is enjoying a resurgence after "Strange Currencies", from their 1994 album Monster, ended up on the FX-produced hit, The Bear.

Well, three different versions of the song are used across the season actually – the 1993 album version, a 2019 remix, and a previously unreleased demo that is exclusive to the show.

Showrunners were able to secure unreleased demo because the band are fans of the show.

Michael Stipe said, "The Bear is hands down my favorite show of last year."

"Having incorporated R.E.M. songs into their universe makes it even sweeter… The best people at any party are always in the kitchen!"

Here's the official music video for R.E.M.'s "Strange Currencies (Remix) from YouTube.


Weezer is also on the Indie Rock Roadtrip Tour with Modest Mouse, Future Islands, Spoon and other special guests hitting up everywhere from Ocean City, Maryland to Brisbane, Australia.

DD Bottle Shadow 250.png
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